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CTC Golf & Turf has over 28 years of specialized experience in golf course renovation, restoration, and construction projects across Canada. As a full service contractor, our talented team of professionals include design specialists, golf course shapers, heavy equipment operators, project managers, irrigation technicians and drainage experts. Our commitment to quality, safety and sustainability is a natural extension of the tradition, integrity and values in which the company was founded. In addition to our golf course construction services, we have recently augmented our services to include the design and development of natural and artificial turf sports fields, baseball diamonds, campgrounds, public parks, playgrounds, trail systems, dog parks, storm ponds and open spaces. 


CTC Golf & Turf is proud to provide unbeatable service and stand behind our workmanship with our industry leading 2 year warranty.


CTC Golf & Turf is proud to offer a strong and ever evolving commitment to health and safety. Our priority is to provide a safe work environment for all employees, contractors and visitors to our sites. To promote this type of environment, each individual is urged to take part in implementing, maintaining and improving the company safety program. Our program promotes awareness of occupational health & safety issues and safe work place practices & procedures. CTC provides comprehensive education to ensure all team members are equipped to assess and remove potential hazards through recognition, evaluation and control. Management leads daily safety meetings, field level risk assessments, equipment safety, utilization of personal protection equipment and emergency protocol to preform safe and healthy work practice. 

CTC Golf & Turf is COR certified. Our program entails performing annual safety audits. Through monitoring, observation, interviews and documentation, CTC improves the company health & safety program routinely. 


Sustainable environmental performance is a mindset that is firmly embedded in our business strategy. CTC Golf & Turf assures the health and safety of our people, the communities we work in and the environment above all else. We endeavor to continually complete projects in the safest and most responsible manner. CTC has established and operationalized a comprehensive environmental management program. This program demonstrates our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint. This is done through specific communication, monitoring, planning and evaluation functions identified in the program. Our commitment to our customers and the community is that our activities will be implemented with the utmost care and consideration of environmental impacts. 

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